Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Circle

Originally Appeared Here
Lyrics like fire, take you out in a minute, boy
'Cause your rhymes are just warm wind blowin' in from Minicoy(1)
Quark's doing to what he can to earn the constable's trust
Catch Kressari running guns, help Odo make a bust.
Why don't you be my deputy, whatcha say, Quark?
Odo needs an ally while he's breaking in the Navarch
The Ferengi wants incentive that's a little more monetary
While Kira's sweatin', settin' stones at the monastery
She's not used to being useless, rather die with her boots on
Just then Winn butts in sportin' a hat by Jorn Utzon(2)
Talks all high and holy and on the straight and narrow
But she's secretly in league with the Circle's center, Jaro
Kira's kidnapped by the masked men right in the arboretum,
Quark locates their hide out so the rescue team can beat 'em 
They're all back on the station to prepare a last stand
Starfleet orders evacuation, but Sisko's got a plan.

  1. Island Home of an ambassador Commander Sisko knew, who was full of hot air.
  2. Architecht of the Sydney Opera House, which Winn's hat resembles.

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