Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the Hands of the Prophets

Just like a jumja stick(1), they say I'm naturally sweet
Just give the drum a kick and let me rap to the beat.
Too many fake MC's, fake raps I ain't buyin',
I gotta take these fools to school like I was Keiko O'Brien.
She drops science on wormholes, Johnny Wheeler and Weyl(2)
While in Ops, O'Brien's unaware Neela has it in for Bareil
She plans assassination once he gets on the station
But it's all being done on Winn Adami's instigation
Who's come to DS9 to claim they teach blasphemy
To tell these fine Bajoran girls they can't come to class with me.
Dad, it's crazy as saying the sun revolves around the Earth,
Ignoring Galileo just like Jay Z(3) or the Church.
He wants to make room for all of the philosophies
People on each side put aside their animosities
But some don't wanna talk it out, they're settin' off a bomb,
So Sisko brings Bareil to make everybody calm.
But he doesn't understand this was the plan all along
Lure the Vedek to the station like a siren song
They thwart the plot before he's shot, then he's jettin' off, it's
Been Too Short a Season(4) in the hands of the prophets.
  1. Bajoran confection which O'Brien lauds for its "natural sweetness"
  2. John Wheeler and Hermann Weyl were both general relatvity theorists. Wheeler coined the term "wormhole" in 1957, though Weyl had already proposed some of the underlying mathematical theory in 1921.
  3. Jay Z's song "It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)" contains the scientifically inaccurate line, "thirty-eight revolve like the sun around the earth"
  4. Too Short a Season was an episode in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation

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