Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dramatis Personae

Busting out rhymes and flexing my vocabulary,
You know I flow like Odo, my man in the constabulary
Microphone check, one-two, is this thing on?
All hands on deck, we're beaming up a Klingon
No time for valedictory, he just declares a victory
Then he's nothing but history, the whole thing's a mystery
Freighter's full of dolamide like Rudy Ray More(1)
Traders from the other side in the Cardassian war.
Kira wants to detain them, settle the score with these fools
It's clear that they obtained the ore on Ultima Thule
The crew is acting crazy, run by psychic auras
Released from a sphere like a box of Pandora's
Klingons wanted a weapon to make their enemies tremble,
Instead they got Sisko in his quarters tryin' to assemble
A clock, with gears complex as Odo's machinations
To block a coup in the crew and save the whole station
The interference signal banishes the telepathic matrix,
Disperses before it manifests on any other spaceships.
  1.  Star of blaxploitation classic Dolemite

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