Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Homecoming

Originally Appeared Here
I got synonyms like Data(1), metaphors like a Tamarian(2),
A simile assimilator with more game than a Ktarian(3).
Within one man, I'm a whole Federation
Who can wreck an MC with no hesitation
But sometimes I make peace just to sow some confusion(4)
Sometimes I like the holosuite though it's all an illusion
It all starts out when Kira sees an earring
So she borrows the Chief away from engineering
And she's off to rescue any prisoners that remain 
Bluffin' past the border, Rulot seeds al a Gul Marayn(5)
She brings Li Nalas back to the station,
But you're gonna have to wait for the continuation.

  1. Data had a habit of rattling off long lists of synonyms in the dark, early days of TNG
  2. Alien race from Darmok who spoke entirely in metaphors
  3. Alien race from TNG's The Game
  4. The 76th Rule of Acquisition: "Every once in a while declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies."
  5. A reference to the "allamaraine" rhyme from Move Along Home

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