Thursday, May 3, 2012


On the mic again, it's the rappin' Jake Sisko
I'mma drop another verse this week even at the risk o'
Getting over-exposed like wedding on Betazed(1)
Poppin' up again like an ages-old Data's head(2).
Kira's talking to Mullibok, trying to get him off of Jerrado
This farm is all he's got, he's not about to let it go.
Like a cockroach he's tenacious(3), holding on like a fanatic
While I try to broach negotiations- Nog, give that guy some static
With my boy in the cargo hold and we're wheeling and dealing
Got us a gross of stem bolts, and you know they're self sealing
But I got a good feeling real estate is more appealing
Tessipates like Earl Grey(4) compared to Darjeling
Now there's demand for the land of the Noh-Jay Consortium
Got 'em where we want 'em then we squeeze like an accordion.
  1. Betazoid weddings are traditionally held in the nude.
  2. In TNG's Time's Arrow, an ancient copy of Data's head is found beneath the city of San Francisco.
  3. The Tenacity of the Cockroach was the first book published by the A.V. Club
  4. Captain Picard's tea of choice, apparently superior to Darjeeling.

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