Thursday, May 3, 2012

Battle Lines

Originally Appeared Here

There I was with my boys spittin' bars on the Promenade,
They're hangin' on [my] every word like my name was Scheherazade(1)
While I'm layin' down my lyrics, ready for some battle rhymes
My pops is in the GQ(2) fightin' on the Battle Lines
With Kira and Bashir and some space-pope Bajoran
 And some ugly ass mothers who have always been warrin'
Killin all the time with with the Nol and the Ennis
Death bouncing back and forth like a deadly game of tennis
The crew gets rescued but they leave the Kai Opaka 
She'll take their brutal culture and transform it like Masaka(3).

  1. From 1001 Arabian Nights.  Her ability to keep the king interested in her tales saves her life.
  2. Short for  Gamma Quadrant, not Gentleman's Quarterly.
  3. From TNG's Masks, where a space probe takes over the ship and begins transforming it into a temple to Masaka.