Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Abandoned

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Gambler says to let it ride and then he gives a whirl
Forgot the first rule of Dabo- watch the wheel, not the girl
You know that I'm in love with my Dabo wheel spinner
But I'm still unprepared to bring her home for dinner
You see, I'm worried that my dad just can't be impartial
More of a Cardassian trial(1) than a fair court martial
'Cause it seems like his judgement's been passed in advance
Made up his mind about Mardah before she ever had a chance
But she explains about my skills and my knack for an end rhyme
While the doctor and the chief are hunting for an enzyme
They say this drug dependency is a cold blooded thing to do
Even to an enemy soldier they want to analyze like Hugh(2)
So the Jem'hadar's discharged to the custody of the Constable
As the one the boy will listen to Odo has to be responsible
But there's nothing he can do, it's in his blood to fight
All that's left for Odo is tell the major she was right.
  1. As established in "Tribunal", the verdict of all Cardassian trials is decided before they begin, and the verdict is always guilty.
  2. Borg youth recovered by the Enterprise-D crew in "I, Borg". Picard debated the ethics of using a sentient being as a weapon, even against their most powerful enemies.

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