Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Civil Defense

Originally Appeared Here

Converting ore processing to a deuterium refinery
When O'Brien sets it off in the depths of the binary
Subroutines that run things on the station
A security system becomes a sticky situation
Comm comes on, "Bajoran workers, please, your attention 
Lay down your arms and cease all your dissension"
Dad stands up as the real leader of the revolt
The computer doesn't buy it and it's time for us to bolt
When all our efforts escalate the counter-insurgency
A small snafu has turned into an emergency
When a disruptor appears and a crewman is shot
Never thought they'd be happy to see Gul Dukat
He says he'll help if he can place a garrison
A rock and a hard place would be the best comparison
But Gul Dukat gets caught when he tries to leave this place
And he has to stay and contemplate the depths of his disgrace
Dad can't get to Ops, we're all stopped by force fields
But he's still close enough to channel the reaction to the shields.

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