Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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I don't want to trouble my dad, he's already got his plate full
But I'm worried that I don't have a lot of reason to be grateful
Mardah's off to study entymology, away on Regulus III
And maybe when she's in college, she won't remember me
Pen my troubles to paper and set them on fire for renewal
Vaporize them like a phaser and maybe just a few will
Reach the prophets and I'll find a new love with a quickness
Cause now the crew's running 'round like horny teens with a polywater sickness(1)
Something's up with Mrs. Troi while we're wishing "Peldor joi"(2)
Makes for a raucous party that impresses Keldar's boy(3)
Dad's cracked the case and pins the blame on the ambassador
Explains to the major that must be why I made a pass at her
What we've experienced was a projection of affection
Intended to be aimed in the constable's direction
A combination of Zanthi fever and the depth of her emotion
Can't have Odo leave her lonesome just like Darmok on the ocean.(4)

  1. Sickness from the TOS episode "The Naked Time" which reduced the crew's inhibitions.
  2. Traditionally greeting during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival.
  3. Refers to Quark, son of Keldar.
  4. Tamarian metaphor for isolation and loneliness, describing Darmok before he landed on the island and met his friend Jalad.

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