Sunday, March 30, 2014


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Son of a prophet doing some personal reappraising
When he sees himself in the mirror, half man, half amazing(1)
He found a couple hecapates to set up a homestead
Let his hands shape the landscape like he was Frederick Law Olmsted(2)
And Kasidy finds out she's a part of my Dad's plans
When he gets back from searching for Worf in the Badlands
Dax tracks him down when she decides to take a Gander(3)
But she can't talk about Jadzia, or ask of Alexander
Caught unawares and thrown in a Breen prison
While back on the station the Prophets send a vision
Hope the Emissary gettin married still if he can
'Cause in the ceremony, I'll be the best man(4)

  1. From "It Ain't Hard to Tell" on Nas's debut album Illmatic, referenced in his later song "Nas Is Like".
  2. Regarded by many as the father of American landscape architecture, Olmsted designed New York City's Central Park, among other works.
  3. "Take a gander" can both mean "to take a look", and refer to the runabout U.S.S. Gander taken by Ezri Dax.
  4. Paraphrase of lyrics from Young MC's "Bust a Move",  "Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry / In five days from now he's gonna marry / He's hopin you can make it there if you can / Cause in the ceremony you'll be the best man"

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