Saturday, March 15, 2014

Field of Fire

Originally Appeared Here

Ezri's uneasy 'cause there's a killer on the station
Thinks there's another man who can aid investigation
Nestled inside her kinda like a Kurlan Naiskos(1)
Joran always stays close while she's detective in plain clothes
As the shooter strikes again with clinical precision
Got an exographic sensor enhancing his vision
Turns out he's a sniper with a hell of a scope(2)
Takin' out other officers just because he can't cope
When they blew up the Grissom and Chu'lak was traumatized
Friends and crew, know he miss 'em, maybe drove him to homicide
Now Chu'lak's in custody, to her quarters she heads back
Understands that Joran's gonna lurk inside her like Redjac(3)

  1. Hollow ceramic figures containing many smaller replicas inside. Captain Picard was given one by his old mentor Richard Galen in TNG's "The Chase".
  2. From MC Ren's verse in N.W.A.'s "F--- The Police", "I"m a sniper with a hell of a scope / Taking out a cop or two because they can't cope with me"
  3. Non-corporeal entity from TOS's "Wolf in the Fold", it possessed physical beings to commit murders, including those attributed to Jack the Ripper.

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