Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's Only a Paper Moon

Originally Appeared Here

Nog's stepping out the airlock and leaning on his cane
They say there's no real pain, it's all in his brain
He's driving me insane, and I insist he escapes our room
Check the night life at Vic's even if it's only a paper moon
Soon he tells his counselor this is where he'd rather be
Live out his life like Captain Pike in Talosian menagerie(1)
He starts throwin punches, Vic says it's time for Nog to take five
Reminds him living with holograms ain't being alive(2)
He'll wake up in fake Vegas where neon lights seem duller
Photonic Shape without form, shade without colour(3)
And he's gotta live life, all the skinned knees and bruises(4).
Play the cards that you're dealt, even if he wins or loses.

  1. In "The Menagerie", Christopher Pike has been crippled in a training accident and is brought by Spock to live in an illusory world created by the Talosians. He had previously rejected this life in "The Cage".
  2. Paraphrase of John Wayne's character Ethan in The Searchers, "Livin' with Comanches ain't being alive". Nog and Vic discuss this film in the episode, which incidentally stars Jeffrey Hunter, who portrayed Captain Pike.
  3. From T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"
  4. In "The Cage", Christopher Pike said, "You either live life – bruises, skinned knees and all – or you turn your back on it and start dying"

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