Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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O'Brien and Odo don't come back empty-handed
Dad releases the changeling like the constable demanded
Thinks that Odo is denying his true self out of shame
Tells his friends, these solids, they all seem the same
And it's crazy how they just gaze in amazement
As they raze all the forests and phase in the pavement
Disrupt balance of nature, but he agrees to stay as a favor
Knows Odo won't leave the Major, now Laas takes the form of a vapor
Menacing mist on the promenade like the moors of Caldos II(1)
Klingon tries to start a fight so Laas runs him through
Now he's awaiting arraignment when Kira sets him free
Lay low, look for Odo in a mine on Koralis III
Laas admits he wouldn't stay on the station, mutatis mutandis(2)
Odo says because he's never known love he can't understand this

  1. Federation colony from TNG's "Sub Rosa", with an environment similar to the Scottish Highlands.
  2. Latin phrase meaning "changing only those things which need to be changed".

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