Saturday, June 9, 2012

Necessary Evil

Originally Appeared Here
My lyrics are sublime as I'm laying down some rhymes
While Odo's in his office investigating crimes
He's asked to keep a record, voice over like Deckard(1)
Next thing he's reflecting on a past that's checkered
When a chemist got shot, and he was asked by Dukat
To suss out some suspects, make sure the killer is caught
The wife of the deceased point the blame at Nerys
Her alibi is espionage, but Odo grants her release
But now he realizes he reached the wrong conclusion
And the chemist was robbed 'cause of Cardassian collusion
It's the only rational reason she could still get her tea
When it was rarer than a red shirt in the A.A.R.P.(2)
He sees why in this instance the Gul kept his distance
Or else the resistance would kill his assistants
Back in the present, he's hurt by this news
Looks at the Major like his trust's been abused
And he finds all this time she was rightfully accused.

  1. Harrison Ford's character from Blade Runner, who provided disinterested narration in the theatrical version of the film.
  2. American Association of Retired Persons, which most red shirts do not live long enough to enter.

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