Thursday, June 7, 2012


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Hangin out with Nog, and we're drinkin' gin and tonics
With some honeys in the holosuite, too bad they're all photonic.
While Garak's lunch is interrupted by a boy who takes a bite
Gul Dukat suddenly rings them up, to say he'll set things right
Garak gets Bashir because doesn't trust coincidence
Waking up my dad, the doctor shocks him with his impudence
They've figured out his parentage and now they must be leavin'
So they're jettin' to the orphanage, some files need retrievin'
Like Marritza(1)'s system, it's a masterpiece of meticulous exactitude
But the list of them, it has to be ridiculous in magnitude
Sifting through the data and the truth begins to dawn
Dukat kidnapped the boy to later use him as a pawn
But he's made an enemy he can't defeat like Moriarty and Pulaski(2)
Garak's thought more moves ahead than Bobby Fisher did with Spassky(3)
The kid is sent back with his father, reunited eight years older
While Garak tells the doctor truth's just in the eye of the beholder.

  1. File clerk from DS9's "Duet", who described his filing system with those words.
  2. From TNG's "Elementary, Dear Data", where Dr. Pulaski created a formidable artificial intelligence by simply asking the computer to do so.
  3. Competitors in the 1972 World Chess Championship in which Fischer was victorious

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