Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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Dad's coming back from Bajor with a beard and a plan
Take a light ship to Cardassia just to prove that he can
So we set sail for adventure, just father and son
Quarters are cramped  but it don't bother us none
Three nights and days, we sail the space(1)
Without any warp, going at a snail's pace
So I show my dad some stories, he says they have potential
But if I want it to be real, more experience is essential
For now I hit the hammock, 'cause it's time that I was crashin'
Dreaming of some yamok sauce(2) to flavor up these rations
Suddenly we're swept up by a tachyon eddy
Starts tearing our sails while we try to hold steady
Dukat's on the line, says they just found the scene
Of feet in ancient time on Cardassia's mountains green(3).

  1. From "Louie, Louie", one of Miles O'Brien's favorite sea shanties.
  2. Cardassian condiment first mentioned in "Progress"
  3. A reference to the William Blake poem, "And did those feet in ancient time", which became the lyrics to the anthem "Jerusalem" sung by Bashir and O'Brien in the episode.

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