Thursday, November 15, 2012


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There's a cleric waiting outside of the ops office, he
Has got an urgent need to tell my pops of a prophecy
About three vipers comin' home to their nest in the sky
But dad thinks his request would best be handled by the Kai
Won't get wrapped up in religion like Picard on Mintaka(1)
Though it's a part he has to play, it's his mask of Masaka(2)
So he works with Cardassia on a joint operation
To set up a relay for cross-quadrant communication
They find when they scanned that sword made of stars
Left a silithium strand to keep the wormhole ajar
Yarka says the prophets had this planned the whole time,
So now the other quadrant can hear me beaming out my rhymes.

  1. In TNG's "Who Watches the Watchers?" Captain Picard is mistaken for a deity by the people of Mintaka III.
  2. In "Masks", an alien probe forces Data and Picard to act out an ancient mythological story.

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