Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rap Battle: Round Two-Three

Originally Appeared Here
Varon T Distruption? More like Starfleet Judo
You got more duds than Tiberius has got Green Hoes(1)
Yeah I'll be in sickbay to pay my last respects
to the corpse of a brother who didn't know how to genuflect

What's up Doc? Better call you Bones(2)
because that's all that'll be left when I'm done with you Holmes
You'll be unrecognizable mush, a real horror
Such a specimen only fit for Dr. Mora(3)

And as for Melora? Man, she was just a floater(4)
Just blew away when I tried to motor-boat her
Which is more than you can say for Varis Sul(5)
Lost that one to your Ferengi ghoul

but I'll drop her a line when I see her on Kentanna(6)
I said I'd bring you along but she said she didn't wanna
see you again just like the First Federation(7)
cuz like Balok, you're just a source of aggravation

How I like you now? More like Kool and the Gang(8)
You want to Get Down On It but you can't even hang
Gotta rip off my flow like a common Juggalo(9)
Like the Warp 5 Enterprise you just too slow(10)

  1. A common stereotype of Kirk's romantic conquests as green-skinned aliens, it was actually Captain Pike who met the green-skinned Orion slave girl Vina in "The Cage". Kirk did have a romantic involvement with green-skinned fellow cadet Gaila in the 2009 film.
  2. Nickname for Dr. McCoy on the original series.
  3. Mora Pol was the scientist assigned to study Odo, when he was not known to be anything more than a puddle of viscous goo.
  4. Melora's home planet is notable for its low gravity.
  5. In "The Storyteller", the visiting Bajorn Varis Sul has a crush on Jake's Ferengi best friend.
  6. Mythical paradise for which Tumak's fellow Skrreeans are searching
  7. Organization to which the alien Balok belonged in "The Corbomite Maneuver"
  8. Soul and funk group originating in the 1960's
  9. Fan of the hip-hop duo the Insane Clown Posse, the self-proclaimed "Most hated band in America".
  10. Eponymous starship from the prequel TV series Enterprise, possessing a top speed much less than the ships that would later bear the name.

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