Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ties of Blood and Water

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Tekeny Ghemor ship is docking at the station
Explains he escaped before the Dominion invasion
But he has to tell Nerys it doesn't matter what you thought
He can't run their resistance, play De Gaulle(1) to Gul Dukat
'Cause he knows he's gonna shuffle off before they get too far
Sooner if someone slips some poison in his bottle of Kanar
It runs a little thicker than the ties of blood and water
And the Major's the closest thing Tekeny's got to a daughter
'Cause recall she was altered like Rakal of Tal Shiar(2)
And if we can't trust our memory how do we know who we are
Running deep cover, an implanted past like Arissa(3)
And told she was Cardassian instead of Bajoran Militia

Now the Legate's gone Leggatt, 'cause he's gotta be a Secret Sharer(4)
And the Major runs away when his history starts to scare her
But no one deserves that in the end, from a legate down to clerk(5)
Unless you've always known you'll die alone like your name was Captain Kirk(6)
So by his side they converse, 'til he takes a turn for the worse
While Dukat's playing sick games and his pleasure is perverse
Twist Ghemor for his own purpose before there's rigor mortis(7)
But Kira's got the body on Bajor, we're talkin' habeas corpus.(8)

  1. Charles De Gaulle opposed the surrender of France to the invading Nazis, and later led the Free French Forces during World War II.
  2. In TNG's "Face of the Enemy", Counselor Troi was altered to appear as a Romulan, much like Major Kira in "Second Skin".
  3. From "A Simple Investigation", Arissa was the alias of an Idanian investigator who had her memories erased for an undercover operation. A similar tactic was used when Ghemor's daughter Iliana infiltrated the Bajoran resistance. 
  4. In Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Sharer", a man named Leggatt sneaks aboard a ship at night and confesses a murder to the captain.
  5. May refer to Aamin Marritza, the Cardassian file clerk from "Duet" who formed a bond with Major Kira.
  6. In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Captain Kirk tells Spock and McCoy that he's always known he'll die alone.
  7. Rigor mortis is a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing limbs to become stiff and difficult to manipulate.
  8. Latin for literally, "may you have the body", it is a writ preventing people from being imprisoned without a trial.

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