Monday, June 17, 2013

Blaze of Glory

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Quark creates a panic when Morn stops in to wet his whistle
While dad gets a transmission that Maquis launched the missles
So he turns to his old opponent, offers a chance for atonement
Michael says it ain't worth it, his life's already forfeit
Can't catch invisible missiles when you know  they fly so fast
It's impossible, they're unstoppable, as they say, the die is cast(1)
But even if the conversation doesn't really go as dad planned
Eddington's out of incarceration and they set off for the Badlands
Turns out it was all ruse and dad did just what he expected
While here Klingon are acting rude and Nog is disrespected
Says I'm spreading lies that are scurrilous and scandalous
General Martok's in our spot, Nog's sure he can handle this
He's either stupid or brave, earns a grudging admiration
Just like the man who saved dad from a deadly situation
Held off the Jem'Hadar, make sure everyone gets back alright
At the cost of his own life, another never-ending sacrifice(2)
Just a couple days before, he refused to do what needed getting done
Gone out in a Blaze of Glory, like Seyetik shot into the setting sun(3)
Now dad's left alone to ponder on the mystery of Mr. Eddington

  1. Idiom used to refer to Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon, meaning he had passed the point of no return. It was also the title of a season three episode.
  2. Cardassian novel, recommended to Dr. Bashir by Garak.
  3.  Gideon Seyetik was a terraformer who piloted a shuttlepod into a dead star he hoped to reignite.

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