Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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Now it's time to move aside, for a bona fide microphone rocker
Never off-key, tell Tarkovsky, O'Brien's in the zone like Stalker(1)
Throwing darts that hit the mark, my boy has got the golden shoulder
While Kira's in her quarters with a spark meant for a votive in a holder
When my dad gives Nerys the news, that there's a new First Minister
And worse yet it's Winn, you know she's up to something sinister
It's about a bunch of reclamators, Kai says Shakaar has stole 'em
And if Kira doesn't sort it out then she'll send Lenaris Holem
But they talk to the colonel about when their enemies were foreign
Instead of all internal, just Bajoran on Bajoran
So they reach an agreement and return to Winn Adami
Say Shakaar will be in charge and she folds like origami.

  1. 1979 film from Andrei Tarkovsky, about a mysterious and dangerous site known as the Zone.

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