Saturday, May 10, 2014

What You Leave Behind

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Kassidy says reports of her death are great exaggeration
Like a paraphrase from Picard when he escaped assimilation(1)
Kira's waging war on Cardassia, glad to know Damar supports her
Make the Dominion machine stop like a story from E.M. Forster(2)
Weyoun makes an example of Lakarian, radicals come to realize
Who'd follow a short-sighted Vorta versus a rebel with steel eyes?

Let's finish it once and for all, the fleet's beaten them back
Strike like a d'k tahg(3) with a three-pronged attack
Standing on Cardassia, Martok says it's all poetic justice
Dad pours bloodwine on the ground 'cause cost of war disgusts us
Dukat shoulda done likewise when he accepts a poisoned chalice
While Kosst Amojan rage in the cave like fire storms on Bersallis(4)
Winn spits wack verses as if she's afflicted with aphasia virus(5)
Should fix her frame of mind in an asylum run by crazy Syrus(6)
But the Gul's their only emissary, and the Prophets sent him a gift
Fight like fools in burning house(7), they jump in to the rift
And my dad awakes in the wormhole like Arthur in Avalon(8)
Like Odo coming home, no more to roam like a vagabond
Not dead or fighting evil in another dimension
But a god who can return when we need Divine Intervention(9)

  1. In Star Trek: First Contact, Picard claims, "Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated", a paraphrase of a quote from Mark Twain referenced by Kasidy Yates here.
  2. "The Machine Stops" is a science fiction short story by E.M. Forster.
  3. Traditional Klingon warrior's knife, it has two side blades that can spring out.
  4. In TNG's "Lessons", the planet Bersallis III is home to a Federation colony and subject to violent firestorms every seven years.
  5. From DS9's "Babel", a booby-trap intended for Cardassians leaves the station personnel unable to process language.
  6. From TNG's "Frame of Mind", Syrus was an imaginary psychiatrist in a scenario designed to brainwash Commander Riker.
  7. From TOS's "Day of the Dove", which introduces the Klingon proverb "Only a fool fights in a burning house."
  8. Avalon is a legendary island where King Arthur is taken to recover from his wounds. From this place he is said to to return one day to lead his people against their enemies.
  9. Divine Intervention is the title of Cirroc Lofton's (Jake Sisko) announced but unreleased rap album.

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  1. Please please please put out an album, Rappin' Jake Sisko.