Monday, February 17, 2014

Take Me Out to the Holosuite

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Solok claims the humans are irked by his precision
Throws down the gauntlet, dad makes a quick decision
Says his team will take them on if they can practice for a minute
Vulcans have strength and smarts, but their hearts just aren't in it(1)
Pulls a few strings to bring Kasidy to the bat(2)
Explains that this rivalry dates back to a spat
He had with Solok when he was back at the Academy
So now the crew takes the game as serious as my dad and me.

Watchin' Worf at the plate, wishin' he was Willie Hawkins(3)
Before Odo calls ball four the Klingon takes off walkin'
The ump rings him up, sends dad to the stand sulkin'
Recovers his enthusiasm seeing Nog tag all the Vulcans
That's what he loves about the game, that it's so unpredictable
Looks over to Rom and decides there's one more trick to pull
Rom brings the bat square, the bunt stays fair
Drives Nog home, and the Niners lift him in the air.
We manufactured a triumph over Solok, so conceited
Just had no idea what that shape is until it was completed.(4)

  1. Quote from Dr. Soran in Star Trek: Generations after torturing Geordi La Forge.
  2. Reference to the famous baseball poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer.
  3. Fictional 1950's New York Giants outfielder, portrayed by Michael Dorn in the episode "Far Beyond the Stars".
  4. In the pilot episode "Emissary", Benjamin Sisko uses the example of a baseball game to explain linear time to the Prophets, and how he does not know what will happen next.

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