Monday, November 11, 2013


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A reversal of fortune like my man Martus Mazur (1)
On trial for crimes against people of Bajor
Dad has doubts about Dukat's mental fitness
But agrees to come along and testify as a witness
Under attack and they crash at some gloomy latitude
Saved dad's life, gotta show the Gul some gratitude
Check the transmitter to make sure it stays on
Sees he's been deceived like Iyaaran Liaisons(2)
Dukat wants his judgement in place of the trial he's missing
Gets him going on Bajor and he starts reminiscing
About new-caught, sullen peoples(3) and Cardassian authority
They want to be equals, didn't recognize superiority
Picking up the tempo from a waltz to a flamenco
Firing phasers at ghosts like Alexander Rozhenko(4)
Says he should've laid them to waste like Uxbridge with Husnock(5)
If he had another chance, what would he do, Spock?
"Total complete absolute annihilation"(6)
That's when dad gets the upper hand, takes command of the situation
Dukat effects and escape in a shuttle before the Defiant's retrieval
He's become more charmless than Armus(7), he's only pure evil.
  1. From the episode "Rivals", Mazur had a probability-altering device that initially brought him good luck, followed by a run of bad luck.
  2. In the TNG episode "Liaisons", one of the Iyaaran ambassadors kept Picard on a hostile planet under false pretenses, claiming his shuttle was damaged.
  3. From Rudyard Kipling's poem "The White Man's Burden", justifying imperialism as a duty of the superior colonizers and a benefit to the colonized. This parallels Dukat's attitude toward the occupation of Bajor.
  4. Worf's son, who mistook a simulation program for a Jem'Hadar attack in "Sons and Daughters".
  5. Kevin Uxbridge was the human identity assumed by an omnipotent Douwd. He destroyed every last member of the Husnock race after their attack on a Federation colony killed Uxbridge's wife.
  6. Quote from Spock in the TOS episode "The Alternative Factor", describing what will happen if Lazarus meets his duplicate from the anti-matter universe.
  7. Armus was a malevolent entity formed from all of the evil and negative attributes left behind by an unknown race.

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